L-Stringz Music Academy

L-Stringz Music Academy


The mission of the L-Stringz Music Academy is to shed the light on Orchestral Instruments to the African American Community and develop music through children.

L-Stringz Music Academy 


The L-Stringz Music Academy is a non profit organization by L-Stringz Entertainment. The L-Stringz music academy works through its mission under the initiative "L-Stringz Carez" . Through this initiative, we are committed to the following:

  •  Teaching music theory and string instrument lessons via summer camps, master classes, etc.

  • Donating talent and supplies to schools in need

  • Performing and educating the black community on the orchestra 

  • Giving music lessons to those who cannot afford it

  • Providing scholarships to African American students who want to pursue String instruments in college 

  • Creating more performance opportunities to African American String Players 

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE THAT DONATED! Because of you we were able to raise $360 that supplied not one but two programs! Look below to see us donating to school number one: Therrell High School in the Atlanta Public School District! Stay tuned for next year!

L-Stringz Music


  • L-Stringz teaches lessons on Skype YEAR ROUND!

  • L-Stringz teaches in person lessons in the the Hampton Roads are (Virginia) during the school year (August - May)

  • L-Stringz teaches in person lessons in the Atlanta, GA for the summer (May-August)

  • L-Stringz is available to teach large groups/orchestra settings.

Ready to get started? Click the link to register! https://goo.gl/forms/cZLKQdZBXUvQ8f532

L-Stringz Summer Academy

The L-Stringz Summer Academy encompasses multiple two week summer camps that enhance skills in string instruments in addition to music theory and leadership. The levels of each student range from beginner to advance with a goal of advancing to the next level by two weeks end.

Checkout the 2019

Summer Camp Finale!

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